Meet the Makers

Believe it or not...

...I never set out to start my own handmade jewelry + apparel business. I was a college girl from a small town ready to take on the world and Corey was a farrier living his best life running a successful shoeing business ...little did we know, God had a different plan as He often does!

Our story started really on a trip back home when I bumped into said cowboy ... fast forward through dating, graduating college, getting married and building a family of seven kiddos- well of course starting a business seemed like the logical next step - right??

...It was actually somewhere around kid #5 when the idea of Honey Verse came to be...

My sweet SIL Brooke gave a me a beautiful necklace with my kids names on it - i LOVED it , even moreso when she told me her friend just made them out of her home ... i was hooked! I got on the internet, took a few classes and next thing i knew I was stamping out everything I could, pendants, spoons, tags... you name it!

But As my family has my NEED for a stronger faith - iykyk - hello mom of seven here lol!

and Honey Verse has evolved from its origins of jewelry just for mom into jewelry and apparel with purpose. Handmade is Heart-Made here, we want to spread a good message, share hope in good + bad times, and create items you can share with those you love . We also wanted to create items that sparked conversation between strangers in line, that let people know who you are without even knowing you. That shared God's message of hope and better days to come. We truly believe a kind word, a kind message can go a long way in todays world and want to be part of spreading it!

And so you see, Our namesake Honey Verse is rooted in the Good News found in Proverbs 16:24, " Kind Words Are Like Honey; Sweet to the Soul + Healthy for the Body". That's what we hope you find here Kind Words to share and Good Vibes to Spread.

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